Sirens & Industrial Air Horns for Construction & Factories

Be prepared on-site with the right Siren or Industrial Air Horn

Prepare for on-site hazards or evacuation drills with high-quality Sirens and Industrial Air Horns. Sirens & Horns’ products appear on sites and across industrial & commercial facilities across Australia. Our friendly team can help you find the best wide area evacuation and emergency warning equipment for your site.

Sirens & Industrial Air Horn Solutions for Industrial, Commercial and Construction Sites

On-site evacuation & emergency Sirens

Our friendly team will work with you to find the right Siren or Industrial Air Horn for the job and create the best configuration for your site. Be prepared for emergencies and warnings on-site.

Smoko Sirens

Industrial facilities or worksites – let your team know it's time for smoko or lunch with a quality trumpet sound, hootronic range or air raid sound siren.

Plant Machinery Equipment & General Alerts

Construction sites and industrial facilities are typically vast and large. Give your team an effective Industrial Air Horn or Siren for when announcements need to be made.

General alerts

High Power Industrial air horns, Siren and Beacon combinations for plant machinery such as Excavators, Cranes or large-scale equipment on the move, or other on-site hazards that your team needs to avoid.

Alert your team effectively with the right equipment & configuration.

Sirens and Industrial Air Horns are relied on by industrial facilities around the world and for good reason. This equipment has the ability to reach the entire site, as long as you select the correct equipment and configuration.

Our friendly team are product specialists and will support you to find the right equipment. Our end goal is help you find the right set-up for your site so the Sirens or Industrial Air Horns will be heard.

Why buy our Sirens & Horns for your site?

Quality products made in Aus, UK, Italy & US

We're committed to quality. Quality in our service, our support, and most importantly, the products we provide you with. Whether it's our product or one we've procured, you can count on it being high-quality.

Extensive industry knowledge to guide you

Our industry know-how and extensive experience manufacturing and supplying Sirens and Industrial Air Horns allows us to support and guide you through the selection process.

Competitive pricing for quality products

Whilst Sirens & Horns has built its name on providing the highest standard of quality in each product supplied, our product range is still competitive in pricing.

Great stock availability

As part of our dedication to quality products and quality service, we maintain excellent stock levels to best meet your site's requirements.

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