SOA Golf Course Alert Industrial Air Horn 131 dB@1m

SOA Golf Course Alert Industrial Air Horn 131 dB@1m

Made entirely of brass with bronze diaphragm Chrome Plated for extra protection against the elements!

Kahlenberg Industrial Air Horn S-0A Air Horn

Key Features

Decibel 131 dB (a) @ 1M
Frequency 322 Hz
Material Construction Cast Bronze and Spun Brass
Finish Brass or Kahlenberg Chrome Plated for extra protection against elements
Origin US
Coverage area 1 KM / 0.5 Mile
Product type Air horn

Features & Applications


  • Kahlenberg Model S-0A Air Horn is an extremely durable unit.
  • Where compressed air is readily available,
  • S-0A Air Horn is the most economical means of achieving a general warning signal in excess of 130 decibels.
  • Highly Reliable, no maintenance.
  • Low air consumption. Operates on a wide range of air pressure.
  • All bronze and brass construction for corrision resistance.
  • Output exceeds other horns of similar size



  • Sporting Clubs such as Golf Courses
  • Air horn products are used throughout Australia especially when an alert siren or air raid siren just isn’t loud enough.
  • Designed to penetrate high levels of background noise.
  • Industrial applications, oil rigs and sites where extra protection against the elements.

Technical Specifications

SPL (loudness) 131 dB (a) @ 1M
Operating medium Compressed Air
Air consumption 9 CFM/4.2 l/s @ 100 p.s.i.
Operating Pressure 50 to 200 p.s.i., (3.5-14 bar)
Control External manual, solenoid or combination valve
Weight 4.75 lb.s, 2.15kg
Kahlenberg Industrial Air Horn High Power S-0A Air Horn


Bronze and Brass construction for corrision resistance.

Low air consumption allows for use of a very small compressor/tank kit as compared to other air horns.

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