SHK-25 Industrial Air Horn 141 ± 1 dBA @ 1 m Dual Tone

SHK-25 Industrial Air Horn 141 ± 1 dBA @ 1 m Dual Tone

High Power, Ideal for noisy industrial areas as well as severe outdoor applications.

Powerful signals backed by years of successful performance throughout the world

Kahlenberg K-25 Industrial Air Horn

Key Features

Decibel 141 ± 1 dBA @ 1 meter
Operating Medium Compressed Air , nitrogen, CO2.
Frequency Low dual tone 370 and 622Hz ± 20 Hz
Construction Simply constructed and extremely reliable
Audibility 3.5 km on still air
Finish Primed and painted red industrial epoxy
Origin US
Product Type Air Horn Industrial

Features & Applications


  • Constructed of high strength aluminum casting, stainless steel diaphragm discs and fasteners.
  • Simply constructed and extremely reliable resulting in a very low cost of use as compared to more complicated means of sound production.
  • Dual tone, 370 and 622 Hz fundamental frequencies, engineered to greatly enhance warning effectiveness.
  • Horn is energy efficient with hermetically sealed diaphragm assembly.
  • Will operate on a wide range of pressures without requiring tuning or field adjustment for years.



  • Years of successful performance in coal yards, chemical plans, open pit mines and industrial facilities throughout the world.
  • Air horn products are used throughout Australia especially when an alert siren or air raid siren just isn’t loud enough.

Technical Specifications

SPL (loudness) 141± 1 dBA @ 1 meter
Air Inlet 1/2” NPT
Operating medium Air, nitrogen, CO2
Air consumption 22.6 L/Sec [48 SCFM] @ 7 bar [100 PSIG]
Control Manual, Solenoid or Combination valve - not included
Operating Pressure 2 – 10 bars [30 -150 PSIG]
Operating Temperature -40ºC to +85ºC [-40ºF to +185ºF]
Degree of Protection IP 54
Basic Dimension 311x337x178mm [12.25x13.25x7”]
Weight 5.25 kg [11.5 lbs]
Kahlenberg Industrial Air Horn High Power K-25 Industrial Air Horn

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