S-330X Industrial Air Horn 141dB@1m

S-330X Industrial Air Horn 141dB@1m

Powerful output designed to penetrate high levels of background noise in heavy industry

Excavator, mining and moving machinery, heavy industrial applications where loud output needed.

Kahlenberg Industrial Air Horn S-330X Industrial Air Horn

Key Features

Decibel 140 ± 1 dBA@1m
Frequency 330 Hz ± 2 Hz
Material Construction Brass horn construction, titanium diaphragm disc and stainless steel fasteners.
Finish Painted safety red
Origin US
Coverage area 3.0 km on still air
Product Type Air horn
Applications Industrial & Heavy machinery equipment. Golf Courses.

Features & Applications


  • Ideal for outdoor Industrial applications
  • Single tone, 330 Hz fundamental frequency, engineered to produce full harmonic contents up to 12
    octaves which greatly enhance warning effectiveness.
  • Horn is energy efficient with hermetically sealed diaphragm assembly which operates on a wide range
    of pressure without tuning or adjustment.
  • Horn construction: Brass horn construction, titanium diaphragm disc and stainless steel fasteners.
  • Signal will produce a sound pressure level of approximately 70 dB @ 3 km in calm, cool conditions without topographical interference.
    Signal strength at distance can vary dramatically depending on environmental and geographical conditions.


  • Designed to penetrate high levels of background noise.
  • Industrial applications, oil rigs and mining sites where warning devices are required.
  • Remote camp sites, Excavator & Heavy machinery equipment warning devices. Golf Alert
  • Air horn products are used throughout Australia especially when an alert siren or air raid siren just isn’t loud enough.

Technical Specifications

SPL (loudness) 140 ± 1 dBA@1m
Operating medium Compressed Air
Air, nitrogen, CO2
Air consumption 4.95 L/Sec [10 SCFM] @ 7 bar [100 PSIG]
Operating Pressure 3 – 10 bar [50 – 150 PSI]
Control External manual, solenoid or combination valve.
Weight 474x172x164mm 2.15 kg
Kahlenberg Air horn S-330-x Air Horn

Extremely Low air consumption compared to other powerful air horns.

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