Nexus 120 High Output Sounder 10-60vdc

Nexus 120 High Output Sounder 10-60vdc

up to 120db@1m

Industrial & Moving machinery applications

105dB, 110dB & 120dB units available AC version also available

Key Features

Sound Output up to 120 db@1m depending on model variant
Tones 64 tones
Ingress protection IP66 rated
DC Voltages available 10-60V DC
Origin UK
Rating Continuous

Features & Applications


  • Three alarm stages
  • First-fix, wire to base technology
  •  IP66 weather rated
  •  Volume control for greater flexibility – 20dB
  •  64 tones
  • Three alarm stages
  • IP66 as standard means that Nexus can be installed in almost any location.
  • Klaxon Signals made in the UK



  • Industrial & Factory applications
  • School & University siren
  • Smoko or lunch siren
  • Warning or evacuation siren
  • Outdoor & Indoor areas
Applications – Conveyors; process control alarm; cranes; Fire alarm; moving machinery; general signalling

Technical Specifications

Sound Output up to 120db@1m depending on model variant
Protection Rating IP66
Frequency varies See Tone Table - as Frequenzy varies depending on tone chosen
Cable entries 5
Operating temp -25ºC to +70ºC
Weight Nexus 120: 1.8kg
Nexus 110: 1.1kg
Nexus 105: .7kg
Current consumption Low consumption - see data and installation sheets attached for your model
Klaxon 120 dc version Other variants available including AC voltage - Current (tone dependent)
Nexus 105 Up to 113dB (A) 64 10-60V DC 8-40mA
Nexus 110 Up to 116dB (A) 64 10-60V DC 10-50mA
Nexus 120 Up to 120dB (A) 64 10-60V DC 120-550mA

Connections are made to the base during the initial wiring phase which results in faster and more reliable installation.
In addition, the head is fixed by quarter turn fasteners enabling faster installation and accurate seal compression for weatherproofing.

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