3LF  Motor Driven Industrial Siren 125db@1m

3LF  Motor Driven Industrial Siren 125db@1m

Indoor & Outdoor use where robust industrial siren is required.

Single or 3 Phase driven motor

Low Frequenzy warning siren sound

Key Features

Sound Output 125dB @ 1m
Motor Power 1.1kw
Frequency 560Hz
Protection Rating Weatherproof to IP55
Rating Continuous
Construction Cast aluminium siren head, aluminium alloy motor, steel base.
Voltage 240VAC 50Hz 1ph +/- 5%
415VAC 50Hz 3ph +/- 5%
Product Type Air Raid Siren

Features & Applications


  • Range up to 3000m (based on sound level of 60dB without obstructions, mounted 5m above ground, in still air at 20 degrees Celsius).
  • Single phase or 3ph motor driven siren
  • Sound Output: 125dB @ 1m.
  • Sound Frequency: 560Hz.
  • Robust construction
  • Protection Rating: IP55
  • Rating: Continuous
  • Air Raid siren.



  • Sirenco 3LF Siren is a robust motor driven siren for notification and signalling in various applications.
  • Golf Courses, Warehouses, Schools, Industrial and Commercial environments.

Technical Specifications

Sound output 125dB @ 1m
Frequenzy 560Hz
Motor power 1.1kw
Single phase or 3ph motor driven siren
Voltage 240VAC 50Hz 1ph +/- 5% 6.7A running current- 37A starting current
415VAC 50Hz 3ph +/- 5%, 2.3A running current, 17A starting current.
Construction Cast aluminium siren head, aluminium alloy motor, steel base
Cable entry 1 phase – 1 x M20
3 phase – 1 x M25
Weight 22K
Weather rated IP55

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