4100E Series 2 Electronic Industrial Hooter Siren 122 db@1m

4100E Series 2 Electronic Industrial Hooter Siren 122 db@1m

Industrial, Machinery, Cranes, Equipment & School sirens.

Unique Loud Trumpet tones & other tones available.

Circuit board built in Australia, Unique wide cone speaker.

Key Features

Sound Output Continuous Rating upto 122 decibel@1m
Voltages available 240vac 110vac 24vdc 12vdc
Control Box Control box is assembled and tested in Australia
IP Weather Rating Weatherproof control box IP67 and Speaker is IP65
Popular Tones Low Trumpet Tone, Air Raid Tones, Selectatone Tones
Australian Evacuation AS2220 Tone
Replacement for 4100CT, 4100 Scroll & 4150 Selectatone sirens

Features & Applications


  • Siren circuit board built in Australia
  • Trumpet tones are a unique sound, ideal for many industrial applications.
  • Control box is assembled and tested in Australia.
  • Control box UV protected weatherproof to IP67
  • IP65 quality wide cone speaker.
  • Speaker cable can be extended by your Electrician up to 20m for ease of access.
  • Tones to choose from:
  • Low Trumpet tone, Twin Trumpet tone & Official AFL tone.  
  • Australian Evacuation AS2220 Tone & Australian Alert Siren.
  • Selectatone 4150W Tones, High Pulsing Air Raid & Low Pulsing Air Raid.



  • Sporting Ovals, Sports Clubs, Football Timekeeping and Yacht races.
  • Outdoor sites such as Schools, Commercial or Industrial, Cranes where a distinctly different trumpet tone siren is needed.
  • Replacement for Electromechanical RVB 4100CT and RVB 4100 Scrolls
  • Replacement for Selectatone 4150W Sirens.

Technical Specifications

Product 4100E Series 2 Electronic Hooter Siren
Sound Output Continuous Rating up to 122 decibel@1m  (12vdc up to 120db@1m)
Voltages 240vac 110vac 24vdc 12vdc
Load @ Full Volume 240vac -0.12 Amps
110vac-0.2 Amps
24vdc -0.9 Amps
12vdc - 0.8 Amps
Cable Entry Cable Entry—CG16 cable gland IP68
Weight 3.7kg & 12vdc 2.4kg
Volume Yes-adjusted by installation Electrician
Tones Single tone installed at manufacture

Trumpet tones are a unique sound, ideal for many industrial applications such as machinery safety alerts for processing plants.

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