About Us

Our story is nested in iconic Aussie history.

Sirens & Horns is the evolution of a company called RVB. Our now-owner began working for the business soon after RVB sold the sirens and air horns business in the early 2000s.

RVB was the manufacturer of the 002 and 008 sirens. They may not ring a bell or a Siren, but if you heard them in unison – they probably would. These two sirens were utilised by the AFL back in the 1970s.
It’s how the iconic sound we now know as full-time began. That quintessentially Australian Siren became the 4100CT. At the same time, various products continued to be manufactured here in Brisbane.

Later on, there was an update to the 4100CT equipment – there were calls for it to be converted to an electronic Siren. And so, under new ownership, an engineer re-designed it. Plenty of trials and testing went into the new Siren, with an emphasis on retaining that well-known sound. We soon had it approved by the stadiums. Today, it’s known as the 4100E Series 2.

While we made our name across Australia for that siren, we were still making waves in the industrial sector. As occupational health and safety became more important in workplaces across the world, we continue to manufacture and sell more and more Sirens and Industrial Horn solutions.

Today, we're still the go-to for Industry, the AFL, and local Sports Clubs

Manufacturing these Sirens and Industrial Horns here in Brisbane, we’re still known for quality and consistency in our products. Our products continue to evolve though, with new models no longer requiring servicing and serious advancements in their weatherproofing. We’re constantly improving the durability of our products while ensuring less maintenance for you.

Our mission is quality

It seems pretty simple, but our mission is all-encompassing. We’re committed to quality – in the products we provide, the service you receive, and the experience you have when you order from us.

The principles guiding our mission

Old-fashioned service

You can expect a quality product, delivered with excellent service. We believe in good old-fashioned service: helping our customers, picking up the phone, and always getting back to you.


How can we deliver quality if we don't have the knowledge? Our team values knowledge – especially of the products we supply to you.

Quality assurance

If it's on our website, you can be sure it is a quality product and you can feel confident it's a Siren or Industrial Air horn that's built to last.

Product matching for site applications

Communicating site information enables our team to offer products specific to your site. We believe in selling the right product for the intended purpose.

The team guiding you with 40+ years of experience

Our team has extensive experience and expertise, with more than 40 years of combined experience. With product specialists and technical support within our team, we’re able to guide you with the right advice. Find the best product for your application with the support of our friendly team. 

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