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Our sirens have been associated with the AFL for decades. How we developed one of Australia’s most iconic sounds.

Our company’s history is nested in iconic Australian history. We have the claim to fame for developing the Siren of the AFL. Yep, the iconic sound you hear at the end of a quarter – the sound that ceremoniously marks the end of a game, that’s our 4100E Series 2. It wasn’t always, though.

The Siren marks the beginning and end of each game

If you’re unacquainted with the Aussie rules game, stadiums, local clubs, and regional football centres, each use this Siren to alert field umpires to the beginning and end of a quarter or a game. 

It’s a sound so prominent and iconic that it can be heard from miles away. Our AFL sirens can be heard at stadiums around Australia such as the MCG, The Gabba and Perth Stadium.

We’re proud to know that it’s our product that soundtracks the AFL. Today, our 4100E Series 2 Twin-Sound Trumpet Sirens are used at many AFL stadiums, local junior and senior clubs, and regional AFL football centres around the country.

It wasn’t always the 4100E Series 2 siren, though.

The 4100CT RVB Electromechanical Trumpet Sound Siren was originally manufactured in Australia around the 1940s and was used in stadiums across the country until around 2008.

Times and components were changing, and so were expectations for what these Sirens could do. Better weather protection technology and less stringent servicing requirements was now needed. 

It was time to redesign the 4100CT RVB Trumpet Siren.

The first 4100E Trumpet-Sound Siren was created. This was the first 4100E electronic version with a twin-tone trumpet sound. 

It went on to become the new Siren local clubs, and AFL stadiums wanted to soundtrack their games. 

Come 2014, even more improvements were made. An engineering firm was brought in to redevelop the Siren, making it the 4100E Series 2 AFL Sound Siren. 


The 4100E Series 2 Siren is such an important element in the game of AFL that a field umpire has to acknowledge the AFL siren for it to stop sounding. 

Our Siren is heard in almost every major AFL stadium across the nation.

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