Celere ABS and Polycarbonate Motorised Siren

Celere ABS and Polycarbonate Motorised Siren

Single Tone installed at manufacture duplicates RVB 4100 series High, Medium and High + Medium Twin Tone used as a Warning siren and alert siren

Key Features

Available Voltages Various voltages available with varying sound output - see data sheet.
Sound Output 96-118dB@1m with Volume control on internal board.
Rating 4-6 cycles on (20 sec), 5 min off.
Weight 1.5Kg
Product type Air raid siren sound

Features & Applications


  • Electro-mechanical siren engineered for industrial applications.
  • The device, made up of an electric motor connected to an internal fan, generates a long high-pitched sound.
  • The high frequency sound replicates typical features of a whistle, allowing recognition of this sound from users.
  • 3 sizes according to the desired sound output. Available in BA versions (low consumption).



  • Ideal choice for industrial applications, from general-purpose signalization to warning of impending dangers.

Technical Specifications

Name Celere
Available Voltages 240VAC - various voltages
BA are continuous voltages
Sound Output 96-118dB depending on voltage and siren
Rating 4-6 cycles on (20 sec)
Weight 1.5Kg various depending on model
Dimensions 190 x 273 x 191mm
Models Different models available
Celere, Super Celere.

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